Carpet Dry Cleaning Dubai

Carpet Cleaning Service

General Cleaning employs a portable machine to deep clean fixed carpets or those that can be cleaned in the comfort of your own home or office. This automatic machine targets each fibre of the carpet or rug and extracts dirt and dust to ensure a deep clean by combining the use of high-pressure water jets and vacuum systems. Our carpet dry cleaning Dubai chemicals remove stains and odours while restoring your carpet or rug to its former glory.

Our facility's machine cleaning

If your carpet or rug cannot be cleaned on-site, our technicians will remove it safely and expertly and transport it to our facility. Our facility can handle large carpets and easily remove any grime or dirt. To loosen dirt and grime, the carpet is first washed with large brushes and shampoo, and cleaning agents are applied. The rollers then firmly press the carpet to extract stains and dust, and high-pressure water jets wash the stains away. The carpet is then rolled and placed in a dryer to remove excess moisture before being hung under industrial fans to air dry.

Our technicians perform a final quality check to remove any fleece or microfibres before safely wrapping and delivering the item back to your home or office. What Makes Us Different?

  • We clean your carpets and rugs in-house and do not subcontract in order to maintain high standards of cleanliness and service.
  • With our high-tech machines and cleaning agents, we can handle large carpets and rugs and restore them to their original state.
  • We offer free pick-up and delivery.
  • In most cases, we can expedite your cleaning and provide same-day service. If you have a critical requirement, please contact our technical staff for assistance.